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There are several HOWTOs available.



You may get the best overview about the GnuPG system by reading the mini HOWTO available in several formats:

  • as on-line browsable HTML files ( ca · ch · de · en · es · fr · it · tr · vn )
  • as one big HTML file ( ca · it )
  • as Adobe's PDF ( ca · de · it · vn )
  • in postscript format ( ca · en · de )
  • as DVI file ( ca )
  • in RTF format ( ca )
  • as plain text ( ca · en · it )
  • as SGML ( ca · de · en · it · tr )
  • as gzipped tarball of them all ( ca )

GnuPG SmartcardHOWTO

GnuPG supports the use of smartcards. This HOWTO explains how to install and work with these cards.

  • as on-line browsable HTML files ( en )
  • as one big HTML file ( en )
  • as plain text ( en )

The smartcard howto is also available via CVS .



If you have problems exchanging messages with a PGP 5.x system, you should have a look at this PGP5-GnuPG HOWTO available in English only.


GnuPG Subkeys MiniHOWTO

If you are using GnuPG on an insecure machine (e.g. at office) or have more than one location where you work with GnuPG, you likely ended up having more than one primary key, more passphrases to remember, and more favours to beg people who have to sign all your primary keys.

The solution addressed by Adrian von Bidder in his mini HOWTO titled " Using multiple subkeys in GPG " makes use of a GnuPG's feature which provides the possibility of create and manage subkeys bound to your primary key.


GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO

Once you get familiar with GnuPG's mechanisms, you surely wouldn't miss one of its funnest (and useful) aspects: to meet your Internet buddies and get your key signed by as many of them as possible.

But having to check tens or even hundreds of keys at a meeting may become quite frustrating. Here it is where this HOWTO by V. Alex Brennen comes in handy. It is a guide to understanding and organizing a PGP keysigning party. Keysigning parties help build and strengthen the web of trust which serves to make the use of GnuPG more secure.

This HOWTO is available:



Firstly, because everyone should be using encryption and signatures in their email. Secondly, because there are absolutely no reason for you not to be using PGP-compatible software. Thirdly, because documentation is mostly geared toward someone who is already familiar with PGP. Fourtly, because we like to promote both GnuPG and Mutt as free software project, for use in everyday communications. Lastly, because Justin R. Miller likes writing tutorials.

For all these reasons, you can find below a link to Justin's HOWTO on how to send and receive cryptographically signed and/or encrypted email with GnuPG and the Mutt mail reader .

This HOWTO is available:

  • as plain text ( en )

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