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Mailing lists

The contents of all messages sent to these mailing lists are assumed to be in the public domain. Archives of these mailing lists are also available; please click on the mailing list name below.

Please check the FAQ before you ask on one of the lists. If you want to search these mailing lists (as well as other archives) please use the service provided at http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/.

It is used to announce new releases and for other important messages.
It is used as a general discussion and help forum.
It is used for development and bug tracking.
It is used for discussion of translations and related things.
is used for the development of the GNU Privacy Handbook .
It is used to discuss the development of the GNU crypto library which will be used by a future GnuPG version and is also used by a couple of other projects.
It is used to discuss the development of the GNU Privacy Assistant (a graphical frontend for GnuPG).
Help and discussion among Portuguese (Brazil) speaking users of GnuPG.
Help and discussion among German speaking users of GnuPG.
Help and discussion among Spanish speaking users of GnuPG.
Help and discussion among Russian speaking users of GnuPG.

There are also a few mailing lists which receive log information for CVS commits; you will find them under the mailing list manager .


How to subscribe

You can subscribe to these lists via web or by sending an e-mail:

To: <mailing_list>-request@gnupg.org
Subject: subscribe

where <mailing_list> is the mailing list name as described above.

Posting to these mailing lists is only allowed for subscribers; postings from non-subcribers are held for approval but there is no guarantee that the moderator can approve them in time; they may even be dropped.

Some kinds of postings will not be accepted: e.g. large ones, mails without the list name in the To: or CC: header and HTML mails. Your mail client does have an option to send plain text only messages; try this if you don't get a response.

Please write to the mailing lists in English only.


Other discussion groups

There are also several country-specific mailing-lists to subscribe to. It is important to note that these mailing-lists are not hosted on GnuPG's servers, but are of great help for all of those who feel more confortable when speaking their own native language.

GnuPG News Japan
Discussion group for Japanese users.
Mailing dedicated to GnuPG users who speak Italian.

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