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Includes links to some HOWTOs available in several languages to get out the best from GnuPG.
User Guides
Draft versions of the user manual are available, and there is also documentation covering interoperation with PGP 2.x. In addition we have a man page online (along with its Russian counterpart) and John Michael Ashley's The GNU Privacy Handbook (GPH).
Online version of the FAQs is now available. Please consult these FAQs before you ask on one of the mailing lists or report a bug.
Mailing lists
Describes the purpouses of each mailing list hosted on this server and gives instruction on how to subscribe. Links to other GnuPG-related discussion groups are also available.
Before you report a bug, please consult the list of bugs.

You may also notice that OpenPGP is a proposed Internet standard, described by RFC2440 (found at RFC Editor ).


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