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Related software  

Related software

Over the years, GnuPG has widly gained in popularity to become the standard de-facto as free software for private communication and digital signature. As such, it is by no mean surprisingly to find out that there are so many programms orbiting around GnuPG.

For your convenience, GnuPG-related software has been grouped here in three big categories. If you are working for a new project and want to be listed here, please, feel free to contact the webmaster .

Please note that, being part of the GNU Project , we can not link to any project which can not be labeled as free software . If you found a link on these pages to a project which does not fulfill this requirement (a good checkpoint is the FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory ) please let us know by contacting the webmaster .

This category collects together all the software for various platforms which relays on GnuPG command line and provides some sort of easy-to-use user interface.
Under this link you'll find tools mostly used to manage GnuPG keys.
This page hosts projects which aim is to build an abstraction layer for who wants to painlessly add GnuPG capabilities to their software.

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