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Bug Tracking System

Our bug tracking system can be found at bugs.g10code.com . Please, query the database before you create a new bug report. You need to create an account to file a bug or edit existing bugs. See the Introduction to the BTS . Bug reports need to be written in English

If you can fix one of these bugs/limitations, we will certainly be glad to receive a patch. Please note that we need a disclaimer if your patches are longer than about 10 lines; but it may help anyway to show us where we have to fix it. Do an `info standards' or see this article to find out why a disclaimer is needed for GNU.



The Bug Tracking System can also be used to report problems related to GnuPG.org site. Simply, follow the instructions given above and set the "category" field to gpgweb.

If you want to interact directly with us for questions, mistakes, change requests, advices, and compliments, you can write an e-mail to webmaster@gnupg.org .


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