How to use the Fellowship Smartcard

The GnuPG Smartcard HOWTO

Rebecca Ehlers

Thorsten Ehlers

Werner Koch

Matthias Kirschner

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June 29, 2006

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. The OpenPGP card
2. Installation for GNU/Linux
2.1. Prerequisites
2.1.1. Installation of GnuPG
2.2. Required Hardware
2.2.1. A List of tested Readers
2.3. Installation of Card Reader
2.3.1. CCID (Chip Card Interface Description)
2.3.2. PC/SC (Personal computer/Smart Card)
3. Administrating the Card
3.1. Looking at the card
3.1.1. Describing the output
3.2. Managing PINs
3.2.1. General Information about PINs
3.2.2. PIN operations
3.3. Initialising the card
3.3.1. Personalising the card
3.3.2. Generating keys
4. Daily usage
4.1. Signing and encrypting files
4.2. Signing and encrypting mails
5. Advanced Features
5.1. Moving an existing key to the card
5.2. Using the card only for subkeys
5.2.1. What are Subkeys?
5.2.2. Moving a Subkey to the Card
A. Appendix
A.1. A small OpenPGP card FAQ
Further resources