A Few WindowMaker icons

Here are a few icons that we would like you to use with WindowMaker. The icons are distibuted under the GNU General Public Licence, Version 2, June 1991. They are free and freely distributable. See the licence for more details. You can of course use them for any window manager you like (including the one written by (what is now) Apple).

There are some nice (Gnome (GPLed, of course)) icons here.

The icons you see on this page are jpgs on a 64x64 tile2 background. The references are the (crisper) (tiled) xpms. (These individual xpms will look odd if you don't use the conventional/default WindowMaker icon backgrounds). Probably the best thing to do is get the tarball and extract the icons you want from there.

(The gimp icon is from the Gimp web page (artist Tuomas Kuosmanen). There is a new (and better) Gimp icon now (but I have yet to convert it (oops)).

The Linux Penguin is by Larry Ewing, of course.

Everything else is my fault.

This is a grab of the XEmacs default icon:

Get the uptodate transparent xpms tarball here.


Then: mv export/*.xpm ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/Pixmaps

As far as I know, you will have to do the mapping of icons to applications (in the WMWindowAttributes file) yourself at the moment.

Get all the OLD tiled version here (xpms including tiled background) or an OLD set in the prefered tif format here (with no backgrounds).

It probably goes without saying... these icons were created with the Gimp.

Paul Emsley
Last modified: Fri Mar 12 12:46:39 GMT 1999